Advertising, Affiliate and Sponsorship Disclosure

Our content is free because we earn a commission when you click on a link or make a purchase through the links on our site. We want to ensure that you understand how we make money and who pays us, so we want you to know that we partner with these companies with whom we have a paid relationship. If you choose to click on the links on our site, we may receive compensation. We will not be compensated if you don’t click or use the phone numbers listed on our site. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

We do not take editorial direction in our reviews (favourably or unfavourably) in the order of any partner (or any company, for that matter).

How does Finfold Times make money?

Finfold Times generates revenue through advertising, sponsorships and lead generation to pay for content creation, marketing and operational expenses.

  • Advertising: We sell ad space on Ads can be in the form of banners, videos or sponsored content (see below). Our goal is to ensure, as much as possible, that the ads you see are relevant and provide offers that may interest you.
  • Lead generation: In some of our content, we include hyperlinks with an asterisk (*). This indicates that the link takes users to an advertiser’s website to learn more about and possibly purchase a product or service. These links are monetized, meaning they contain a code enabling Finfoldtimes to generate a referral fee from the advertiser. The advertiser pays for this fee. Furthermore, Finfolftimes only uses links that will give the user an identical (or better) deal than going directly to the advertiser.

Do advertisers influence Finfold Times’s content?

Finfold Times publishes two types of content: editorial and paid. Advertisers influence certain types of paid content.

Editorial content

Advertisers and partners do not influence the creation Finfold Times’s editorial content.

Finfold Times may, however, add monetized links when the content is published. If a link has an asterisk (*) attached to it, it’s a monetized link and can sometimes result in a payment to Finfold Times which helps us keep our website accessible to our users. These links never impact our editorial decisions for articles, including product rankings. Finfold Times considers all available products in the market, including those from companies with no commercial relationship with us or our parent company, Ratehub Inc. Including a product in a ranking and its placement in an order are never driven by compensation.

Finfold Times may also add paid branding to editorial content after publication. This is a “presented by” partnership (more details below) through which a partner provides financial support to keep our content free. We add the partner’s name, logo and link to the top of the article, but the partner does not influence the content.

Product rankings

Product rankings are editorial content and will always be unbiased and written independently. Advertisers and partners cannot pay to influence or add their branding to any content that ranks or compares competing products (for example, credit card rankings).

You’ll be able to read more about our Editorial Code of Conduct.

Paid content

Paid content on Finfold Times is clearly labelled according to the definitions below. If an advertising partner is involved in the content, you will see its name and logo at the top of the article.

  • No label. If the only brand you see is a topic tag, such as Investing or Retirement, you’re reading a purely editorial article. There was no paid partnership or partner involvement in creating this content.
  • Sponsored by. This is a paid post that is informative but also may feature a client’s product or service. These posts are written, edited and produced by Finfold Times with assigned freelancers.
  • Partner content from. This is a paid post that is informative but also may feature a client’s product or service. These posts are written by the partner and edited by Finfold Times.
  • Presented by. This is an editorially driven article or content package offered with financial support from an advertiser. The advertiser does not influence the creation of the content.
  • Created by. This is an unpaid article that contains valuable and relevant information. It was written by a content partner based on its expertise and edited by Finfold Times.

Editorial Integrity

Regardless of partner or compensation, we consider many additional factors that result from editorial research to provide insights on all the different topics we write about on our website.

Companies we’ve listed affiliate links on our site must pass an initial quality screening. They must demonstrate integrity and fair dealing and, to the best of our knowledge, have no recent history of serious legal and ethical issues.

Our writers’ and editors’ judgments are not influenced by bias, conflicts of interest, or financial considerations. We require our writers and editors to create and publish without internal and external pressures.

Additional elements that affect who is featured on our website sometimes include historical data, such as the number of consumer visits to a partner site, percentage of sign-ups and purchased services, the user device, operating system, location, or even the day of the week or time.

So that you know, offers available through our affiliate partners on our site are subject to change. Our partners’ performance and payout may influence their placement on our website, including the order in which they appear on a list. For example, our partners sometimes get premium or additional posts on our website and marketing materials.

The analyses and opinions on our site are our own, and our editors and staff writers follow guidelines to ensure editorial integrity. Our brand stands for accuracy and helpful information. We know we can only succeed if we take your trust in us seriously.

While we try to feature as many products on our site as possible, we can’t always feature every product out there. If you think we’ve missed something, please let us know by email –

Editorial Guidelines

  1. Our team is committed to being the trusted source for honest, accurate, helpful and thorough information across various topics. To earn and maintain your trust in us, we adhere to principles of editorial independence.
  2. Except as otherwise noted in an article, the content on our site is original, reliable, and understandable. Our editors’ reviews are not influenced by bias, conflicts of interest, or financial considerations. We require our writers and editors to make independent judgments free from internal and external pressures.
  3. Despite making our best efforts to publish accurate content, we may have missed some details, or that new information becomes available after publication. If we discover a mistake, our editors will promptly correct the information. Companies may also contact our Editorial Team periodically to request factual updates to our content. Still, our writers and editors reserve the right to publish this content based on their Editorial Guidelines.
  4. Our Editorial Team is separate from our Marketing and Business Development teams. Our editorial opinions are in no way affected by our advertising partnerships.
  5. Our writers and editors do not accept and are prohibited from receiving compensation from individuals or entities who are featured or may be featured on our website. Companies may sometimes loan us products or extend their services free to help make our job more accessible, but our judgments are made independently and not based on these free products and services. We will occasionally keep a review unit for an extended period to evaluate it fully over time. Acceptance does not constitute implied or actual endorsement.
  6. Our writers and editors are forbidden from accepting money or other considerations from individuals or entities as a condition or incentive to write any content on our site, whether favourable or unfavourable. However, our content is free because we earn a commission when you click or purchase using our site. This content is all clearly and conspicuously disclosed. Our advertising partners may select which range to pay us referral fees. However, we do not allow our Marketing or Business Development teams to control or interfere with the editorial integrity of our Editorial Team and the content they create.
  7. We do not allow threats, bullying, or intimidation to influence what we publish.
  8. We respect intellectual property and do not repost content that is wrongfully ours without permission. If you have any questions or need to contact us regarding ownership of the content on our site, please let us know by email –